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ADEG S.R.L. has provided the summary table on the next page to bring companies interested up to date with the products offered by the company, referring them to the technical data sheets for particular quality data and the characteristics of each product and the instructions for its use.

The products listed are currently manufactured or may be manufactured in the future by ADEG S.R.L. at its production plant in Settimo Milanese (MI).

ADEG S.R.L.'s main activity is the manufacture of alkali and alkaline-earth metal salts of organic acids of plant, mineral, fermentation and synthetic origin.

The ADEG engineers remain, however, at the customers' disposal also to manufacture products not listed in this catalogue providing their plants are suitable for their manufacture.
Production plant and registered office:
Via F.lli Wright, 18 - 20019 Settimo Milanese (Milano) - Italy
Tel. +39.02.4891.56.19 - Fax + - -